We are a full service management company and tailor the services we offer to meet the needs of each individual Association and their Board of Directors. Our staff and equipment are fully capable of fulfilling all of your needs and requirements.

Full Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

  • Invoicing (Statements) to Residents

  • Maintenance of bank account

  • Payment of invoices

  • Monthly financial statements

  • Process liens to point of turnover to an attorney

  • Prepare all tax returns (1120H) and governmental filings

  • Prepare and File Reports required by Federal and State Governments

  • Coordination & oversight of financial audits by CPA

  • Prepare proposed budget Excel worksheets for Board/Budget Committee

  • Maintain Official Records Books

  • Maintain all records in accordance with Federal and State Statutes

  • If necessary, coordinate amendments to Documents (Attorney must prepare actual documents)

  • Perform Registered Agent Services

On-site Management

  • Attend Board Meetings

  • Attend Membership Meetings

  • Prepare notices of all meetings

  • Maintain current roster of all members

  • Prepare Detailed Manager’s Report for all meetings

  • Prepare minutes of all meetings

  • Prepare and send newcomer packets

Maintenance Services

      • On-site Association Maintenance Staffing Available

      • Construction Supervision

      •  Pressure Cleaning

      • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance

      • Maintenance of Common Property
      • Inspect property at a minimum of twice per month

      • Unit Owner Maintenance Services Available

      • Janitorial Services

      • Home Watch Services Available

      • Take appropriate actions to ensure property is maintained according to community standards

      • SWFWMD Inspections – work with engineers and contractors to ensure compliance


  • Coordinate Publication of Newsletters – Quarterly

  • Prepare and mail budgets & annual financial reports to members

  • Host and maintain website (if applicable)
  • All member calls, e-mail and letters expressing concerns about the Community are directed and responded to by L.E. Wilson & Associates staff and appropriate actions taken (with prior approval of the Board) to resolve the concerns

Insurance Services

  • Obtain bids for all insurance policies for Board approval
  • Handle insurance claims


  • Inspect property at a minimum of twice per month

  • Annually mail updated Rules and Regulations and Architectural Guidelines to each owner

  • At the direction of the Board, enforce Rules and Regulations
  • Prepare contract specifications for Board approval
  • At the direction of the Board, process Architectural Requests
  • Maintain violation spread sheets, including disposition of fines
  • Seek contractor bids from qualified companies for Board approval
  • Advise Board of changes to government regulations affecting association